Willow Silk - Black

Rs. 71,250

Benaras has been a major centre of textile weaving over the ages. As a centre for production the town had two gharanas (house of weavers). The Mauval and Banaraswala gharana. The Mauval gharana weavers settled in the northern part of Benaras and travelled the world, leading them to take inspiration from the novel sources, which later got reflected in the textiles they wove. Thus Influences from various parts of the world found their way into the weaves of Benaras. This silk saree with silver zari willow motifs running along all its edges is influenced by the flora found in China- The Weeping Willow. The Saree is a part of the historic collection - Red Lilies Water Birds by The Registry of Sarees and has been successfully recreated at Yali Textiles LLP.
Material- Silk, Zari (silver)
Weave- Discontinuous supplementary weft (twill and satin)
Provenance -Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh
Red Lilies, Water Birds- 089

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