Our most personal form of self-expression are the clothes and textiles we wear. We tell the world where we come from, who we are, what we love and what we believe in through the choices our clothes reveal. They are an integral part of our story as individuals.

So rarely, however, do our choices reflect our values – the impact on communities who make our textiles as well as the impact on the environment are often compromised for pre-conditioned market standards. In India, cultural identities play a strong role from weaver to wearer and the economic and social impact on local societies has a tangible and measurable pulse. Most frequently, the benefits are biased towards urban communities economically.

YALI, seeks to re-align this relationship. We exist to honour cultural identities through the celebration of design and mastery of craftsmanship in creating a handspun and handwoven way of life. Unique, sensual and made to flatter many forms they are meant to be relevant for the modern and contemporary textile connoisseur who understands the impact our clothing choices make on the environment. They are lasting heirloom pieces that tell your story in today’s world. Every collection hosts limited, numbered and certified pieces.