In some cases, YALI takes on special orders for customers most often on products that have sold out but that can be remade. These are on a case to case basis and require us to check with our crafts centre if indeed it is possible to commit to.

In the eventuality these are confirmed possible, please note that lead time to make and prepare to ship is variable and may extend beyond the committed time frame due to the handmade nature of the product, and placement within the current workflow run. The sales assistance team will monitor this and keep customers updated.

Most importantly, due to the fluctuating nature of the raw materials over time, especially craftsman costs, metals and zari, there may be a variation in cost between the product earlier showcased and the cost of the exact same product taken on as special order. Needless to say any variation will be communicated at the earliest to the customer, and evaluated by our Inventory team for accuracy. Special orders are made specifically on customer requests and therefore cannot be cancelled, refunded, or exchanged once order is placed.