This tightly woven edge of the textile prevents it from fraying / unravelling and therefore is the strongest element of the textile in its natural form. It is a hidden metaphor which represents and celebrates the different communities coming together, bringing the textile to life while creating a bond and connection between weaver to wearer.

Our Cotton Bud

The little embroidered cotton bud is to represent the bond between weaver to wearer and in turn is an element of every stitched garment from Yali.

Design Elements:

A. Surface Elements


- A pin tuck is a narrow stitched fold running parallel along the fabric creating a beautiful striped texture.

B. Collars

1. Lapel

-Lapels are the folded flaps on the front bodice of a coat or jacket.

2. Shawl Collar

- A rounded collar with a continuous curve that meet at the buttons on the front bodice of the jacket.

3.Stand Collar

- A firm unfolded collar that adds the element of a higher neckline in a garment.

  • Welt Pocket - An inner pocket with a reinforced border topstitched in place.

  • Flap Pocket -A welt pocket with a visible flap closure stitched on the exterior of the garment.

  • Patched Pocket - A pocket topstitched on the exterior of the jacket.

D. Buttons

1. Single Breasted

- The element of a single column of buttons for the front closure of the garment.

2. Double Breasted

-The element of a double column of buttons for the front closure of the garment.

3. Button Down

-A garment with buttons running down the centre front. Either from neckline to hemline or waistline to hemline.

E. Silhouettes

1. A-line

- A silhouette that is fit on top and flared from the waistline towards the hemline.

2. Shift

- A shift silhouette usually stands straight from the shoulders with a loose fit.

3. Tunic

- A Tunic fit is a loose straight fit with a hemline that stops at the knee.