Selvedge is a collection celebrating the simplicity and earthy texture of cotton. Made with natural brown organic cotton (desi cotton) with feminine notes that highlight classic tailoring. Minimalistic and light. Designed by our in-house Fashion Designer, Priyanka Jayanth. 

The Brown Cotton within the collection is the result of a collaboration  between The Registry of Sarees and Udaanta. The plain fabric was designed by the Janapada Seva Trust women weavers at Melkote and the striped yardages incorporated into Selvedge was designed by our former in-house Textile Designer, Yash Sanhotra.

The selvedge is the strongest part of a textile thus being the inspiration for this collection and silhouettes were developed representing it. Though being a minute detail it is pivotal and enhances the overall aesthetic. We seek to celebrate this often unnoticed technical element here.

Fluid. Minimal. Bold. Elegant. These were the elemental words while designing the collection. The loose and relaxed fits were brought together  to break away from structure, in a way to really feel the texture and fall of  the fabric. Hence creating a versatile medley of ensembles that can be worn during any season.