Indigenous variety of cotton Khudrang
Reclaiming our identity that directly connects us to our soil.

This section introduces us to very special natural fibres. Cotton that emerges from the soil - self coloured in a shade of golden brown almonds. At Yali, we work with an indigenous variety of cotton that has a natural coloured palette. Cotton has become synonymous with the colour white and the BT variety today; however, prior to independence, the scenario of cotton was very different from what it is today. 97% of cotton came from the indigenous variety (desi cotton), each distinguished in its texture and environment from different parts of the country .Yali seeks to foster the use of these indigenous varieties in light of their demise from the cotton industry. Redeveloping them with the simplicity of detail through design intervention, the collection’s design is led by structure of the fabric.The present exhibit displays two indigenous varieties of cotton- Brown cotton and Kala cotton.