Andhra Fine Cotton Pink- Meanings, Metaphor

Rs. 22,500

This yellow, red and pink short staple ponduru cotton saree draws from the historical Khadi collection –
Meanings, Metaphor at The Registry of Sarees. Short staple cotton, once considered the backbone of pre-independent India’s textile strength is now cultivated only in pockets around the country.

Ponduru cotton is especially prized for it’s unique texture – soft and
supple yet strong and versatile. The cotton is hand spun by women at the AFKK, natural dyed and then woven by master weaver’s Chiranjeevi and Vijay Kumar. This saree is part of a special design series that was commissioned by The Registry of Sarees. It was designed by Rakesh Thakore who also designed the historical collection titled Khadi – The Fabric of Freedom.

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