Brown cotton is an indigenous cotton variety, which is drought and pest resistant making it economically viable as it is inexpensive and environmentally friendly. Grown in Dharwad, Karnataka, this variety of natural brown coloured cotton eliminates the dyeing process making it one of the most sustainably produced cotton fabrics. Kala cotton, displayed here is an indigenous variety of rain fed cotton grown in arid regions of Kutch, Gujarat. Popularly known as Rammol, the crop is organically grown at all stages of production.

The Registry of Sarees was the first in the country to licence the seed of Brown cotton and at Yali we undertake the whole process from growing the cotton to processing it to weaving the final fabric. Displayed is a brown cotton quilt woven by the Kaudi artisans at Dharwad. Khudrand presents us with the opportunity to materialistically approach our roots - bringing us closer to who we are and where we come from.