The notion of Kora emerges from Khudrang meaning “self colour” or “natural, as you are”! 

This segment reflects an understanding that in India, white (unbleached) fibre is really a palette of colours. Different natural fibres, when twisted unevenly - a manner that is characteristic to hand spinning reflect and refract light in a way that contributes to the overall perception of texture of a fabric. Hand spun cotton and silk can range from gossamer to coarse. Very often poetry is the only descriptor accurate enough to describe the range of emotions within the white spectrum: the white of the jasmine bud, the white of the sea foam, the white of wind kissed clouds, the white of a tiger’s claw.

The design of kora textiles, further influenced by the times they were made in, are indicative of how design and its history influence the use of process and materials, which in turn can sway skill.